Antique Kadai Firebowls

Original or Antique Kadais are up to 100 years old, some are even older. The hindu word Kadai or Karai means 'cooking bowl'.

These antique kadai are made from thick steel (5 to 8mm) that would have been recycled from ships or locomotives.

Each antique kadai is unique with hand-wrought handles and rings, their style dependent on the Kadai craftsman and materials available at the time.

Our original antique kadai are hand picked for you by Hamish, whose experience and eye for detail means only the very best quality antique kadais are selected. Our original Kadais are available in sizes from 80cm to 150cm diameter and with a choice of two stands, low and high. Larger kadai are available for collection or special in house delivery, please enquire.

  • The Tudor Stand (low) is the ideal height for sitting around and relaxing when using your Original Kadai as a fire bowl or as a barbecue. 
  • The Gothic Stand (high) elevates the Original Kadai to the perfect cooking height, to be used as an impressive fire bowl or as a stunning garden feature.