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This wood fired pizza oven fits in any kadai 70cm or larger. Perfect for!

Place the pizza oven in a kadai 70cm or larger, light your fire underneath the oven using hardwood logs split in to pieces 1" to 3" in diameter. The flames flick through a slot cut in the base of the oven and lick around the inside and out through the flue in the top. Once perfected you should be able to get the pizza oven up to the required temperature within half an hour, and cook your pizza in around 5 minutes. Bellissimo!

The picture shows the wood fired pizza oven in an 80cm Recycled Kadai.
    • Get up to temperature in around half an hour
    • Cook pizza in 5 minutes
    • Authentic pizza oven taste
    • Comes with metal stand, pizza plate and two pizza peelers