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The Holi Grill perfectly fits your kadai firebowl. There are many sizes available - but the four most popular listed here are for 60cm, 70cm, 80cm and 100cm Recycled / Tula and Wilstone Kadai Firebowls. (N.B The grills are roughly 2.5cm smaller in diameter than the Kadais they fit in).

If you have an original Kadai Firebowl or a different make of Firebowl, there are many other sizes available so please contact us with the diameter of your Firebowl (ideally with the diameter measurement 2.5cm below the rim) to see if we can  supply the correct size for your Firebowl. 

The Holi Grill provides the perfect shelf on which to put your cooking accessories - Hot Plate, Grill Trays, Skillets, Paella Pan and Skewer Rack.

The centre piece can easily be removed to add more fuel where needed during cooking, without having to lift out the whole grill. You can also remove and replace with the cooking bowl for initial high temperature cooking, before lifting out to hang from your cooking tripod.

The listing is for a grill only, Firebowl not included.

Shipping weight 3 to 7kg depending on size

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