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Elevate your grilling game with the Kadai Burger Press, crafted from durable cast iron for perfect heat retention and distribution. Whether you're aiming for the ideal smash burger or looking to impress with seared steaks and seafood, this burger press is your go-to kitchen tool. Its robust construction is complemented by a hardwood handle, ensuring comfort and control as you cook. Not just for burgers, this versatile tool can be used to make a campfire cheese toastie or to add sear marks to a variety of foods. The flat base of our cast iron burger press ensures even pressure, making it perfect for creating crispy, caramelized textures in your patties.

  • Burger Press handmade from durable cast iron, with a hardwood handle
  • Perfect Burger Press for smash burgers
  • Diameter 17.5cm x Height 6.5cm