60cm Recycled Kadai bundle

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 Hi 60cm Recycled Kadai Firebowl + 2 Stands, Holi Grill, Cooking Tripod, Tripod Skillet, BBQ tool, Kadai beads and shovel. Includes Free Delivery to a UK address (value £25) 

    • Recycled Kadai Firebowl set (kadai, holi grill, Kadai beads, tongs and wire brush) 
    • High stand for cooking on
    • Low stand for use as a firepit
    • Cooking Tripod & Tripod Skillet, BBQ Tool  - perfect for serious bbq-ing or camp fire cooking!
    • Kadai Shovel - perfectly curved to clean out your Kadai.
    • Free Delivery (saving up to £16)
    • 5 year manufacturer's warranty

This kadai comes with clay beads which you place in the bottom of your fire bowl to help with drainage, spread heat evenly around the kadai, prevent heat transference to the surface below and extend the life of your Kadai Firebowl.

Care and Use Instructions provided with each bowl to help prolong the life of your kadai.