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Frequently asked questions

We recommend you use leca beads in the bottom of your kadai to light your fire on as they protect your kadai, spread the heat evenly around the bowl, and prevent heat transference underneath meaning you won’t scorch the ground or surface underneath your kadai – fire also burns better on a substrate than directly on metal. The beads also allow for better drainage if it rains and you don’t have a shield.

We recommend either restaurant grade lump wood charcoal or seasoned hardwood logs. Charcoal is the easiest to use when cooking, as you are ready to cook in 40 minutes. With logs it is harder to gauge the correct amount of wood for the required cooking time. The beauty of a kadai is you can use wood to cook or heat with, we recommend logs 2″ t0 4″ in diameter initially to get the fire going, then you can add bigger ones for an impressive fire – but safety first!

Like everything, the better you look after it, the longer it lasts!

We recommend you regularly remove the ash on top of your beads, you can do this using the kadai shovel. Ash will absorb fats from cooking meat, that can smell after a while.

We also recommend that you empty your kadai beads out once a year and wash them in the riddle. Once your kadai is empty, clean the inside and outside with your wire brush, and then liberally coat with WD40, leave for a couple of minutes, then wipe off the excess with a rag. This helps to nourish and protect the metal plates of your kadai.

Yes, it comes with a 5yr manufacturer’s warranty against product failure due to manufacturing fault. This does not cover product failure due to improper use or as a result of failure of care for your kadai (please follow the Care and Use Instructions guidance that comes with your kadai).