130cm Original Kadai Firebowl set on Tudor Stand

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This Original Kadai is in very good Grade A condition.

    • Four beautiful and original wrought handles and rings.

    • Clean steel riveted plates with prominent rivet structure.

    • Few imperfections or weaknesses.

    • Used correctly this kadai will last many years.

  • Comes with a tudor stand, kadai beads, wrought tongs and wire brush, cooking tripod, tripod skillet.

This antique Indian Kadai (cooking bowl) was handmade anywhere up to 100 years ago by Kadai craftsmen, using traditional tools and techniques. It is made from thick steel plates hand-beaten into shape using concave dollies and then cold riveted together. It has its magnificent original hand-wrought handles and rings.

It will make a superb centre piece in any garden.

Kadais were traditionally commissioned by rich merchants or landowners to feed their workers and passing pilgrims (to increase their karma and ensure themselves a good afterlife).

This, and all our other antique kadais have been transformed into fabulous fire bowls that you can cook on. This particular kadai comes with a low stand (tudor) making it the perfect height for using as a fire pit, intimate cooking on with family, whilst creating a stunning garden feature.